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Adolf Hitler doll has spare head with a kind face

April 24, 2008

From the Daily Mail Last updated at 9:55 PM on 23rd April 2008     The Adolf Hitler doll which comes with a change of clothes – and a spare head with a kind face     An action-man style doll of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler has gone on sale in Ukraine, with saleswomen telling shoppers it’s like Barbie.     Supermarkets in the capital Kiev are stocking the 40cm figure of the Fuhrer, complete with jackboots, leather trench-coat and swastika armband.     The £100 figure has a spare head ‘with a kind expression on it,’ glasses and several changes of clothes.     Accessories: The Hitler doll comes complete with uniform, cap, boots and belt     It comes in a presentation box with the dates of Hitler’s birth and death on it.     The decision to market the figure comes at a time of growing extreme-right political sentiment in Ukraine.     There are also reports of increasing xenophobia and racism, and of some extremists supporting racism similar to that of Nazi Germany under Hitler.     Critics believe a Hitler cult could spring up among disaffected youths, too young to remember the ravages Nazism wreaked on the country.     Around three million people died as a result of the Nazi occupation of the Ukraine, including 1.5 million Jews.

Dick Cheney was a Very Convincing dick

March 30, 2008

Just watched Frontline’s “Bush’s War” and found it to be very disturbing.  I though George W. Bush played himself very well and Dick Cheney was a very convincing dick.  Click here to watch.