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Bordellos on Billboards

June 1, 2008

LOS ANGELES ( — Sex sells, but will it advertise? By Claude Brodesser-Akner Published: June 02, 2008 Photo Credit: Tom Van Dyke Bleak Economy Impels Brothels to Exercise Recent Right to Market          In Nevada, where legal brothels have operated since the late 19th century, business is suddenly a bit slow. George Flint, director of the Nevada Brothel Owners’ Association, said revenue at the 25 legal bordellos for which he lobbies is down 25% to 45%, depending on the location. “We used to say Nevada was immune from recession,” Mr. Flint said. “Not anymore.”           Signs direct drivers to the madam's Wild Horse Adult Spa and Mustang Ranch. But other owners don'tadvertise for fear of backlash.Susan Austin: Signs direct drivers to the madam’s Wild Horse Adult Spa and Mustang Ranch. But other owners don’t advertise for fear of backlash.           One culprit, he said, is diesel. U.S. retail diesel-fuel prices jumped 16.6¢ in the past week to a record high of $4.50 a gallon, according to the federal Energy Information Administration. In rural southern Nevada towns such as Indian Springs, diesel has hit $5.25 a gallon, Mr. Flint said, which means that fueling an 18-wheeler can now cost an independent trucker more than $1,000.           “An awful lot of our customers are truckers,” he said. “It’s the disposable income factor: Money for new wristwatches and gettin’ laid just isn’t there.”


Take Care Down There…Even if You Don’t Spew

April 29, 2008

From AdRANTs by Steve Hall April 29, 2008 click to read moresee video.
Here’s a series of videos from Planned Parenthood that advocate the need to “take care down there.” With comical videos that debate the whether or not one must spew in order to pass on a STD, the benefits of masturbation, the importance of communication or how to apply a squirt skirt, Planned Parenthood gets its message across without seeming too heavy handed or overly creepy. OK, well the teacher dude is pretty creepy here but he seems to have all the answer.

Sex is the tastiest in-flight meal

April 24, 2008

From www.milehighclub.comFrom Redhotpie April 15, 2008     Climb Aboard the Mile High Club  “Any card-carrying member of the Mile High Club knows that sex is the tastiest in-flight meal served aboard any aircraft,” says one Mile High Club member. Travelling by plane can soon get tedious when you’re following the same procedure flight after flight – check in, find your seat, watch the movie, eat your peanuts, take a nap, arrive at your destination, thank the air hostess on the way out… it’s all rather boring when you think about it. However, a well timed kinky liaison can instantly turn a mundane flight into a mid air adventure. Here’s how to maximise your in-flight entertainment…     Aisle Seat Action     It’s all about strategy, if you want to pick up on an aeroplane you’re going to need to be able to move. Let’s face it; climbing over the two grumpy passengers next to you in order to chat to a hottie is not exactly smooth. The ailse seat also gives you the chance to view your potential prospects without anyone interrupting your game. If you’re planning on getting some alone time with someone then try to get a seat in an empty row towards the back of the plane – the extra privacy will give your more of a chance to score.     Buckle Up While Seated     The handjob is one is easiest ways to have a satisfying journey, especially on a late night flight since most of the other passengers are asleep. The key to not getting caught is to have a blanket or jacket ready to hide any naughty action, this is also where tray tables can come in handy too. It’s also best to do each other one at a time so that the recipient can also play the part of the lookout while the other person goes to work.     Your own Private Cubical     Those tiny little rooms mean that you’ll have to become all creative when comes to choosing your best positions.    Doggy Style: This one is probably the easiest to do. Generally the female should stand facing the mirror with her right knee up on the sink. This provides the man with a little more space for maneuverability.     Seated: The male should sit down on the toilet seat with the female on his lap facing him or reverse cowgirl style. If you need a little more room, this one will be a tough maneuver to pull off because there’s not much space for your legs to go on either side. Tricky, but definitely achievable.    Of course, you’ll have to work quickly. It’s way too easy to get caught up in the moment and before you know it, there’s a line of grandmas standing outside the door cursing you.

Condom Maker Goes Fairy Tale in New Ad Campaign

April 22, 2008

From AdRANTS by Steve Hall April 22, 2008 click to read more.
Certainly not as subtle as those designers who had fun sneaking phallic images onto the covers of Disney DVDs nor intended to be so, these new ads from Manix have fun with, as Adland calls it, an “Alice in Wonderland meet oversexed mind” approach to condom advertising.    Toungues, balls, vulva, booty, boobs and dick. It’s all in there in these colorful ads from CLM BBDO Paris and illustrators Jean-Paul Letellier & Hélio.

State to snoop on your sex life with probing questions about promiscuity and contraception

April 20, 2008

From the Daily Mail By TOM HARPER Last updated at 11:15am on 20th April 2008 click to read more.
Government inspectors are to pry into the intimate details of more than 500,000 people a year, asking a series of probing questions about their sex lives and earnings.     Snooping officials will want to know about previous sexual partners, contraception, and how long couples lived together before marriage.     The 2,000-question survey from the Office for National Statistics will raise major concerns about privacy – especially as the data will be logged with the respondents’ names and addresses.     Prying: With government questions couples’ sex lives will no longer be a private matter.     Some of the questions seem remarkably insensitive. One asks: “Have you ever had a baby – even one who only lived for a short time?”     Interviewers are told starkly: “Exclude: Any stillborn; Include: Any who only lived for a short time.”    Civil servants claim the sensitive personal information will be made anonymous once it is processed at the department’s headquarters in Newport, South Wales – but that is not enough to satisfy privacy campaigners.      Doubts have also been raised about how useful the information will be, as people have a proven tendency to lie when quizzed about their sex lives.

Shave With Gillette And You Will Get Laid

April 16, 2008

Posted on AdRANTs by by Daily Ad Biz.  Tired of other brands like Philips Norelco getting all the plaudits for groundbreaking and edgy work, Gillette has decided to get in to the “sex sells ” game.     How have they done it? With a played-out green screen website that “teaches” guy how to kiss via a female teacher with her shirt halfway open (subtle, that one) and a creepy old man who may very well own a windowless white van.    Needless to say, I’m not particularly high on this idea.   Read moreSee related post.

HPV-related oral cancers rise among younger men

April 14, 2008

Hopkins doctor credited with linking tumors and sexually transmitted virus posted on Baltimore Sun By Stephanie Desmon | Sun reporter April 14, 2008     The sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer in women has now been linked to an uptick of throat, tonsil and tongue cancers – in a younger and healthier group of patients than doctors have ever seen before.     These head and neck cancers were once the scourge of older men – mostly the result of lifetimes of heavy smoking and drinking. The treatments often left victims disfigured.     But with those cases on the decline, doctors are seeing a new group of victims. They’re men in their 40s, and even 30s, whose cancer is brought on by the increasingly common human papillomavirus (HPV). It’s an infection that more than half of Americans will encounter during their lifetimes. And researchers now believe that the increase in certain oral cancers can be traced to the spread of the virus through oral sex.  Read moreImage information. Read related post.

Helping ugly people have sex

April 5, 2008

Found this sign and others at:

If you have the impulse to search out sex therapy for a sexual problem, do so. However, there are two elements of most such therapies that you may do yourself which may prove helpful:     (1)Education about body sexual parts may be accomplished by reading and/or by exploration with a willing partner.      (2)An early feature of sex therapy is often the touching and massaging of one’s partner. At first sexual parts are avoided and then approached days later only if the massage goes well.
For more information go to:

You’ve Slept Together – Now What?

April 4, 2008

March 31, 2008 by redhotpie: The morning after you first sleep together leaves you with a lot more to contend with than bad morning breath, wondering where you left your knickers, or a hangover from hell. Exactly how long should you stick around for? Should you wake him or her up before you leave? And now that we’ve slept together what does it all mean? Make a smooth move from ‘oh yes’ to ‘see you next Friday’ by following these little pearls of advice.     Make your Exit     Yes, it doesn’t sound as romantic as breakfast in bed followed by a lazy day together reading the papers but you’ve only just slept together so that means that there are still boundaries to keep in check.—Redhotpie has more to say on this topic and others.