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What the Fuck!? It’s been Two Years, Where is our Gov’t?

May 1, 2008

Red tape has dogged a program to provide "Katrina Cottages" instead of FEMA trailers. Above, one of the first models, in 2007.  Rogelio V. Solis/APFrom NPR’s All Things Considered, April 30, 2008 ‘Katrina Cottages’ Wait to Become Homesby Audie Cornish>>read more and listen • After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit land, Congress gave FEMA $400 million to design an alternative to the trailers that the agency distributed along the Gulf Coast. The result – known as the “Katrina Cottage” – is kind of a cross between a trailer and a house.     But more than two years since Congress approved the funds, barely 2,000 of them are in use.