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Oprah’s falling ratings are news again

June 1, 2008

Oprah’s falling ratings are news again.  See related post.


Oprah pays for supporting Barack Obama

April 10, 2008

Post on The Los Angeles Times by Andrew Malcolm April 9, 2008May 1 last year, Oprah announced during….the Larry King show that she was, for the first time, going to throw her considerable weight behind a political candidate — Obama.  King’s suspenders nearly snapped.     “I think,” she told old Lar, “that my value to him, my support of him, is probably worth more than any check.” Although, to be honest, her estimated $2.5 billion in wealth could buy an awful lot of TV ads in Indiana. It might even be able to purchase the Hoosier State.     But little attention has been paid to the effect of Obama on Oprah. Now along comes Costas Panagopoulos, an assistant professor of political science at New York’s Fordham University, to ask and answer just that question.     But 10 days after the campaign media explosion her favorable rating had dropped further to 55% and her unfavorable ratings for the first time climbed to 1 in 3.     A December ABC/Washington Post poll of Democrats found 8% were persuaded by her Obama endorsement, 82% said it wouldn’t matter either way and 10% said her recommendation had turned them off Obama.     Now, Panagopoulos has discovered an AOL TV popularity survey of 1.35 million Americans that found 46% said the daytime TV host who “made their day” was Ellen DeGeneres while only 19% chose Winfrey. Forty-seven percent said they’d like to have dinner with Ellen, while only 14% chose Oprah.     Apparently, neither Ellen nor Oprah were asked who they’d like to dine with.     Read more.