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Newsflash! New York Has ‘Upstate’

May 8, 2008

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi NY From AdRANTs by Steve Hall May 7, 2008>>read more.     Who knew? For those who don’t venture outside the five burroughs very often, it might come as a surprise that the entire state of New York isn’t covered with black top. Yes, according to the new Saatchi & Saatchi-created I Love New York campaign, the state apparently has farms, grass, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, vineyards and all kinds of other stuff that’s not made out of concrete. Who knew?     The campaign aims to increase tourism by 30 percent by 2020. Three of the print ads can be seen here.
—What the fuck has the State been waiting for?  Upstate has always been second class; I Love New York [City].  The majority of the New York’s resources have always flowed down state to the city anyway.  I like the attention, wish we did not have to be in a recession to get it.

Bush’s 2005 Cuts Jeopardize Drinking Water Systems in New York and Cities across US

April 8, 2008

Take a look a these two articles:

US water pipelines are breaking; repair costs nearly $300 billion       Post on By COLLEEN LONG, Associated Press Last updated: 3:12 p.m., Tuesday, April 8, 2008     NEW YORK — Two hours north of New York City, a mile-long stream and a marsh the size of a football field have mysteriously formed along a country road. They are such a marvel that people come from miles around to drink the crystal-clear water, believing it is bubbling up from a hidden natural spring.     The truth is far less romantic: The water is coming from a cracked 70-year-old tunnel hundreds of feet below ground, scientists say.     The tunnel is leaking up to 36 million gallons a day as it carries drinking water from a reservoir to the big city. It is a powerful warning sign of a larger problem around the country: The infrastructure that delivers water to the nation’s cities is badly aging and in need of repairs.  Read more

Clean Water Fund Facing Major Cuts     Posted on New York Times by FELICITY BARRINGER Published: February 8, 2005     The discretionary budget of the Environmental Protection Agency would be cut by 5.6 percent, to $7.57 billion, under President Bush’s budget.      The greatest single cuts would be in federal payments to a joint state-federal fund that underwrites projects to improve water quality.      The fund is now worth $52 billion.     The $369 million cut in the Clean Water State Revolving Fund would leave the fund with annual federal payments of $730 million, down from $1.98 billion four years ago, said Linda Eichmiller, a spokeswoman for the Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators.      “The infrastructure needs that relate to clean water are well over $200 billion,” Ms. Eichmiller said. “We have a fund that is not adequate to meet those needs. If we don’t build up the fund to take care of those needs, there are going to be problems.”     Read more

More on New York City’s Water Supply.