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Grocery Store Company saves on fuel

April 23, 2008

From the Arizona Republic by Luci Scott – Apr. 23, 2008 10:40 AM click to read more.
The Chandler-based supermarket chain Bashas’ has been hit hard by the soaring price of diesel fuel that runs its fleet of 97 over-the-road 18-wheelers.     To combat fuel costs, the company recently installed on its tractor-trailers and eight other trucks a device distributed by another Chandler company that cuts fuel consumption as well as reduces emissions. The combustion catalyst system, a device installed into the air intake of the engine, makes fuel burn more efficiently.     “What we know we’re saving right now is 4 percent, with the potential of up to 10 percent,” said Tim Handrick, Bashas’ fleet maintenance supervisor.     Commercial diesel prices this week were $3.96 a gallon, and Bashas’ uses 30,000 gallons of diesel a week. Every week, the company buys four loads of 7,500 gallons each.     “We were taking a fifth load a week,” Handrick said. They were able to cut back after installing the combustion catalyst system, as well as modifying some routes and scheduling to save fuel.     “We were consuming 37,500 gallons a week, and between rerouting and this (device) and making sure drivers aren’t idling their trucks, we were able to take that fifth load out of the equation,” he said.  The Catalyst Injection System is made by Emissions Technology.



Gas Buyers Pick Brand Over Price

April 21, 2008

Costs Continue to Soar, but Consumers Shift Their Focus to Product Benefits From Ad Age By Jean Halliday Published: April 21, 2008 click to read more.     DETROIT ( — Even as gasoline prices creep close to $4 per gallon in some markets, consumers are increasingly choosing to buy based on brand benefits rather than price or location.      Shell viral: The oil company is attempting to reach younger drivers on the web.     According to NPD Group analyst David Portalatin, consumers in the past year have more often cited product performance as a reason to buy a given brand of gasoline. That marks a turnaround after a decade of decline, indicating that big oil’s branding pushes are beginning to pay off.      It’s “a little surprising,” said Mr. Portalatin, given the record prices. Indeed, the price of U.S. retail unleaded gasoline hit a record average of $3.32 a gallon in the first week of April, although the San Francisco Bay area was even higher at $3.71, according to the most recent information available from industry researcher Lundberg Survey.     Nationally, prices at the pump jumped nearly 53¢ per gallon compared with a year ago. But it appears consumers are deciding that if they have to pay more, they might as well go for quality.

Lipstick on a Pig

April 19, 2008

Strip Mining Landscape ImprovementsFrom Energy Tomorrow, click to read more
Demand for energy is rising around the world, according to the U.S. Department of Energy and the International Energy Administration. Data show global demand for oil and natural gas will likely grow 45% by 2030 compared with 2006. The Department of Interior estimates there are 112 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil beneath U.S. federal lands and coastal waters. That’s enough oil to fuel 60 million cars for 60 years, when you take into account the average yield of gasoline from a barrel of crude oil and the average number of gallons of gasoline consumed annually by a passenger vehicle.  Yea OK lets settle.  Let’s do no alternative energy research and besides, strip mining adds so much to the public landscape.  Read related post.

Poll: Americans Prefer Energy Fix to Cancer Cure

April 4, 2008

by Kenny Luna, North Babylon, NY 04. 3.08 on Tree Hugger
A nationwide survey of nearly 700 people suggests Americans would prefer that more money be invested in technology to solve our energy problems than to cure cancer or other diseases. In fact, roughly 37 percent of respondents said they would rank spending to raise energy efficiency and develop alternative fuel technology a top priority for future investment compared to just 30 percent who ranked more cash for breakthroughs on problems such as cancer as being most important.    Read more: Poll: Americans Prefer Energy Fix to Cancer Cure