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Bordellos on Billboards

June 1, 2008

LOS ANGELES ( — Sex sells, but will it advertise? By Claude Brodesser-Akner Published: June 02, 2008 Photo Credit: Tom Van Dyke Bleak Economy Impels Brothels to Exercise Recent Right to Market          In Nevada, where legal brothels have operated since the late 19th century, business is suddenly a bit slow. George Flint, director of the Nevada Brothel Owners’ Association, said revenue at the 25 legal bordellos for which he lobbies is down 25% to 45%, depending on the location. “We used to say Nevada was immune from recession,” Mr. Flint said. “Not anymore.”           Signs direct drivers to the madam's Wild Horse Adult Spa and Mustang Ranch. But other owners don'tadvertise for fear of backlash.Susan Austin: Signs direct drivers to the madam’s Wild Horse Adult Spa and Mustang Ranch. But other owners don’t advertise for fear of backlash.           One culprit, he said, is diesel. U.S. retail diesel-fuel prices jumped 16.6¢ in the past week to a record high of $4.50 a gallon, according to the federal Energy Information Administration. In rural southern Nevada towns such as Indian Springs, diesel has hit $5.25 a gallon, Mr. Flint said, which means that fueling an 18-wheeler can now cost an independent trucker more than $1,000.           “An awful lot of our customers are truckers,” he said. “It’s the disposable income factor: Money for new wristwatches and gettin’ laid just isn’t there.”