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$25,000: Non-Industry Types Needed!

May 12, 2008

From AdRANTs by Steve Hall May 9, 2008 Screw Consumers and User-Generated Content! Win $25,000 Yourself     You’d think with $25,000 up for grabs and with industry creatives having a “leg up” on the competition, there’d be a flood of industry types entering Budget’s Flip for Budget video contest. It’s so simple. Easy money. Just whip up a concept explaining how to travel on a budget, grab the video camera, film the thing, submit it and cross your fingers for the $25,000.      Come on people! This is easy money! Screw all those non-industry types trying to cash in on the user-generated content craze when we ad people are the ones who are supposed to be making this stuff…and getting paid for it. Don’t let consumers steal your job!

Self-stirring cup, is the teaspoon dead?

April 17, 2008

Posted on the Daily Mail on 16th April 2008    The humble teaspoon could be confined to the back of the cutlery drawer following the invention of a self-stirring teacup.    The mug takes away the need to search for a spoon when making a hot beverage.    The gadget was created by two French designers, who recently displayed it at the London Design Festival.    Designer Florian Dussopt, 23, said: “The cup aims at introducing a new way of drinking tea or another warm drink without using a spoon. Read more.