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Don’t get caught up in Third-screen thinking

May 8, 2008

Mobilenet Promises to Be the Next Big Medium     But Don’t Get Sidetracked Into Third-Screen Thinking     From AdAge Published: May 06, 2008 by Al Ries>>read more.     We are on the verge of witnessing the birth of a new mass-communications medium. It’s the second new mass medium to appear in the last two decades.     The internet arrived in the 1990s, joining the other four mass media: 1) The book 2) The periodical 3) Radio 4) TV. Each new mass medium has created enormous upheavals in society.     The book ignited the knowledge explosion.      The periodical furthered the growth of democracy.     Radio created a celebrity-oriented society.     TV homogenized the culture.      The internet, the latest and newest mass medium, continues to make waves. “We are not witnessing the beginning of the end of old media,” Advertising Age’s Bob Garfield wrote recently. “We are witnessing the middle of the end of old media.”     “Both print and broadcast — burdened with unwieldy, archaic and crushingly expensive means of distribution — are experiencing the disintegration of the audience critical mass they require to operate profitably,” Mr. Garfield continued. “Moreover, they are losing that audience to the infinitely fragmented digital media, which have near-zero distribution costs and are overwhelmingly free to the user.”     Fasten your seat belts. On the horizon, there’s another profound shift in media, consumer behavior and technology coming. In the near future we are likely to welcome the arrival of a sixth mass-communications medium.     And what is this earth-shaking new medium? It’s the Mobilenet.     The what? Surely you are joking, Al. The Mobilenet is just a subset of the internet. Just another way of going online. Just another way of surfing the net without using a computer. That’s why mobile devices are commonly called the “third screen.”      Third-screen thinking is going to cause you and your company to miss the boat. Which big brands were created by moving content from one medium to another? Very, very few.      Moving The Wall Street Journal online didn’t save Dow Jones from the clutches of Rupert Murdoch for just $5 billion.      Moving ESPN onto cellphones didn’t take it to the big leagues.     So far, moving TV shows to the internet hasn’t created as much value as one internet site, Less than 20 months after its launch, YouTube was bought by Google for $1.65 billion.


P&G Asks Customers to Weigh in on Gay Kiss

April 29, 2008

From AdAge BATAVIA, Ohio ( By Jack Neff Published: April 29, 2008 click to read moresee related post —P&G Lets Consumers Act as Media Planners Asks Customers to Weight in on Gay Kissing and Hip-Hop Programming     The nation’s largest advertiser is inviting consumers to weigh in on its controversial media decisions.     Last week, Procter & Gamble set up an option on its main consumer toll-free line in response to a drive from a coalition, dubbed Enough Is Enough, that was urging the company to stop sponsoring hip-hop programs on MTV and BET laced with profanity, liberal doses of the “N word,” and scenes the group believes degrade and objectify women.     This week, P&G set up a second toll-free option asking callers to register support or criticism of the “story line” on “As the World Turns,” from P&G Productions, which featured fairly passionate kisses between daytime TV’s only gay couple.     Not just one group weighing in While it’s natural to expect complaints to outnumber support on such lines, that may not necessarily be the case. The American Family Association, which asked people to call P&G to protest the gay kissing scene, isn’t the only one weighing in on Luke and Noah’s love life.

Procter & Gamble Takes Heat for Same-Sex Storyline on ‘As the World Turns’

April 27, 2008

A kiss between two characters on the soap opera 'As the World Turns' was called 'repulsive' in an e-mail from the American Family Association's founder and chairman, Donald Wildmon.From BATAVIA, Ohio By Jack Neff Published: April 25, 2008 click to read more– When it comes to gay kissing and soap operas, you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.     Just ask Procter & Gamble Co., though its long-lagging soap opera “As the World Turns” just may be benefiting from the controversy.     Conservative Group Fired Up Over Gay Kiss on TV A kiss between two characters on the soap opera ‘As the World Turns’ was called ‘repulsive’ in an e-mail from the American Family Association’s founder and chairman, Donald Wildmon.
Photo Credit: CBS.     After being criticized for months for not allowing a gay couple on “As the World Turns” to kiss on camera, Procter & Gamble Productions finally allowed them to do so April 23. Now, P&G is being attacked by the American Family Association, whose founder and chairman, Donald Wildmon, this morning sent an e-mail message titled “Procter & Gamble promotes explicit open-mouth homosexual kissing” and asking his followers to bombard the company with complaints.     First criticized for lack of kissing     Two gay characters on the soap opera first kissed last year on air. But it had been nearly seven months since they had last kissed, which had become the subject of fairly persistent blog chatter criticizing P&G Productions for treating them differently than it has numerous heterosexual couples.     The upside for P&G Productions: At least some people have been watching closely for that next kiss.     The blog noted April 23 that it had been 211 days, 14 hours, 45 minutes and 45 seconds since gay teen characters Luke Snyder (played by Van Hansis) and Noah Mayer (Jake Silberman) had kissed.     The pair, termed “Nuke” by some fans, is the only gay couple currently on daytime TV. They last kissed Sept. 26, but subsequent encounters met with “interruptions and pan-aways whenever it seemed like the gay teens might kiss,” according to AfterElton.     “The CBS soap opera caught viewers off guard with surprisingly steamy kisses between the two,” the blog noted. That punctuated a lengthy online protest, which had generated more than 12,000 blog postings per a Google search.

Biased CBS Reporter Puts On Ugly Spin

April 7, 2008

At 4:15AM EST this morning the CBS Early Show, with Meg Oliver, reported on the Clinton’s $104 million earnings; how you feel about their earnings is up to you, as for me, I do not care.  This issue here is how the information was presented.  Instead of reporting facts, The CBS reporter SLANTED the information in such way, that the reporter’s contemptible tone and point of view became the story.  Disgusting.   On a news program such as this, I expect a reporter to report the facts and leave their fuckin opinions at the door.     The online accounting did not seem to match the reporter’s bias.