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Statistics Link Candidacy and Insanity

April 26, 2008

Josh Neuman www.surrealart.comFrom Archaeoporn Posted on April 23, 2008 by archaeologyknits Click to read more.
Well, not really, but the news today concerning the presidential candidates and vaccine denialism goes a long way toward that conclusion.     McCain jumped on the band wagon a while back, and we really can’t be surprised considering he had already come out against evolution and loves popular issues like a hyena loves corpses.     However both Democratic candidates have outed themselves as apparently unable to read current scientific conclusions. (see here and here also, check out denialism blog on the issue)     Obama is quoted as saying     “We’ve seen just a skyrocketing autism rate. Some people are suspicious that it’s connected to the vaccines. This person included. The science right now is inconclusive, but we have to research it.” [the ‘This person’ refers to the individual who asked the question Obama was responding to.]     Maybe I missed the news, but I understood that science, ie that stuff people do in labs or using statistics, was pretty conclusive on the issue right now, and that vaccines were safe and that most of them no longer used thimerosal anyway.     Clinton has pretty much parroted the same missunderstanding     Yes. We don’t know what, if any, kind of link there is between vaccines and autism – but we should find out.     This was in a question regarding her willingness to fund studies of vaccinated and unvaccinated children.  I can tell you the answer now, the second group probably has a higher rate of a variety of viruses, strangely enough the exact same ones they weren’t vaccinated for.     Now, there is every possibility that the candidates are just acting like cranks to get the nut vote, but it’s certainly scary even if this is the case, because it gives support to unscientific and repudiated claims and could potentially lead to the next president wasting our money on this research.     To conclude though, I would like to concede that these autism cranks aren’t always wrong.  The author of the first article linked to above, is himself a nut, and, inadvertently, he provides us with a valid statement on the issue:     So there you have it, our next President will share the views of such radical fringe crazies as, well, me, Democrat Robert Kennedy, Jr., Republican Joe Scarborough, former NIH and Red Cross chief Bernadine Healy, and several researchers at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, the Universities of California and Washington and elsewhere.

Political Fundraising

October 26, 2007

Think the Federal Government would function better if politicians did not need to raise money to get elected.
The “people” own the airwaves.
Every candidate should get 20 hours of free airtime so that we can hear and see what they say, not bits of what they say.