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Creepy Burger King

April 8, 2008

Posted by Steve Hall on AdRANTs: A bit Logan’s Run. A bit AI. A bit Bicentennial Man. A bit The Jetsons. A bit, well, creepy but that’s to be expected. After all, this is a commercial featuring the King. In this new Burger King commercial, the King is a robot and, apparently, everyone has one. He’s there to make sure all the stereotypically white-clad future people are well fed with BK’s Cheesy Bacon BK Wrapper.


Man Steals Grease to Make Biodiesel

April 3, 2008

By Michael Graham Richard, Gatineau, Canada posted on Treehugger on 04. 3.0    David Richardson, a 49-year old man from Illinois, was arrested by the police in Morgan Hill, California. He was trying to steal used cooking grease from a Burger King restaurant and pump it into his tanker truck when he was caught greasy-handed.  —What the fuck?