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Baby Boomers will need robots

April 26, 2008

University of MassachusettsFrom LiveScience Robot Dials 9-1-1 By Dave Mosher, LiveScience Staff Writer posted: 16 April 2008 ET click to read more.     The U.S. medical system faces an imminent crisis as baby boomers age into retirement, but an army of little helper robots might soften the blow.     Researchers designed a two-wheeled robot, known as uBOT-5, with two arms capable of picking up small objects, using a stethoscope and even dialing 9-1-1. Sensors near its video-screen head can also figure out if someone has fallen.     “For the first time, robots are safe enough and inexpensive enough to do meaningful work in a residential environment,” said Rod Grupen, a computer scientist at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Amherst.     Grupen helped develop uBOT-5 in response to the growing crisis faced by the U.S. medical system as almost 78 million baby boomers begin joining the 65-and-older crowd during the next three decades.


Locust like Baby Boomers want health care

April 16, 2008

Crisis in care awaits boomers Health needs of aged expected to outpace available providers Associated Press April 15, 2008 posted on Baltimore Sun   WASHINGTON – Millions of baby boomers are about to enter a health care system for seniors that not only is not ready for them, but may even discourage them from getting quality care.    “We face an impending crisis as the growing number of older patients, who are living longer with more complex health needs, increasingly outpaces the number of health care providers with the knowledge and skills to care for them capably,” said John W. Rowe, professor of health policy and management at Columbia UniversityRead more.