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Sex is the tastiest in-flight meal

April 24, 2008

From www.milehighclub.comFrom Redhotpie April 15, 2008     Climb Aboard the Mile High Club  “Any card-carrying member of the Mile High Club knows that sex is the tastiest in-flight meal served aboard any aircraft,” says one Mile High Club member. Travelling by plane can soon get tedious when you’re following the same procedure flight after flight – check in, find your seat, watch the movie, eat your peanuts, take a nap, arrive at your destination, thank the air hostess on the way out… it’s all rather boring when you think about it. However, a well timed kinky liaison can instantly turn a mundane flight into a mid air adventure. Here’s how to maximise your in-flight entertainment…     Aisle Seat Action     It’s all about strategy, if you want to pick up on an aeroplane you’re going to need to be able to move. Let’s face it; climbing over the two grumpy passengers next to you in order to chat to a hottie is not exactly smooth. The ailse seat also gives you the chance to view your potential prospects without anyone interrupting your game. If you’re planning on getting some alone time with someone then try to get a seat in an empty row towards the back of the plane – the extra privacy will give your more of a chance to score.     Buckle Up While Seated     The handjob is one is easiest ways to have a satisfying journey, especially on a late night flight since most of the other passengers are asleep. The key to not getting caught is to have a blanket or jacket ready to hide any naughty action, this is also where tray tables can come in handy too. It’s also best to do each other one at a time so that the recipient can also play the part of the lookout while the other person goes to work.     Your own Private Cubical     Those tiny little rooms mean that you’ll have to become all creative when comes to choosing your best positions.    Doggy Style: This one is probably the easiest to do. Generally the female should stand facing the mirror with her right knee up on the sink. This provides the man with a little more space for maneuverability.     Seated: The male should sit down on the toilet seat with the female on his lap facing him or reverse cowgirl style. If you need a little more room, this one will be a tough maneuver to pull off because there’s not much space for your legs to go on either side. Tricky, but definitely achievable.    Of course, you’ll have to work quickly. It’s way too easy to get caught up in the moment and before you know it, there’s a line of grandmas standing outside the door cursing you.

Prototype Aerocar arrives…at 450km an hour!

April 19, 2008

The aerocar can fly at an altitude of 4,000-meters at a top speed of 160 kph. It can also reach a top land speed of 80 kph.In from a friend: From Russia Today April 8, 2008, 9:27 click to read more.
Imagine a world where roads don’t exist, old-style cars are a distant memory and you can zip over 450 kilometres in one hour. A Russian designer believes aerocars are not far away. Aleksandr Begak has successfully tested a prototype more than 100 times.     It took him two years to create the multi-purpose aerocar – propeller-driven cart with a glider wing to keep it in the air.     Begak says his model can be used on land, sea and in the air.     “It’s great for fishing or hunting, especially the two-seater. Its flying speed can be very slow. It can be set at 15 kilometres per hour so it will practically stay still. That’s good for hunting – for wolves, for example,” the inventor said.     The aircraft is also plastic which makes it invisible to radars.