C’mon, How could Rosmary not know?

Incest monster Josef Fritzl pictured with his 68-year-old wife, RosemarieFrom the Daily Mail By JULIE MOULT Last updated at 00:12am on 9th May 2008>>read more.
In his own words: Dungeon dad Fritzl on incest, Hitler and ‘my proper family’ in the cellar
Having grown up as an only child, Fritzl developed a driving desire to create a large family. He married Rosemarie when she was 17 and he five years older. Despite his conviction for rape in 1967, the couple stayed together and two years ago celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.     But friends have told how Rosemarie too was a victim of her husband’s tyrannical personality. He said he picked her because of his need to become a father.     “Rosemarie was a wonderful woman, is a wonderful woman. She is just a lot more shy and weaker than my mother. I chose her because I had a strong desire then to have lots of children.”      He added: “Rosemarie seemed to be the perfect mother to realise that dream. This is not a good reason to marry, but it is also true to say that I loved her and I still love her.”     
A SECOND FAMILY IN THE CELLAR     Elisabeth was one of five girls and two boys born to Fritzl and his wife. As a child, she dared not disobey him.     But as she grew older, according to Fritzl, he began to lose his grip. And, beneath the surface, dark desires were growing. Elisabeth has said the sexual abuse began before she was in her teens but – claiming to be insulted at the suggestion – Fritzl said: “I am not the kind of man who has sex with children.”     “Ever since she entered puberty Elisabeth stopped doing what she was told, she just did not follow any of my rules any more. She would go out all night in local bars, and come back stinking of alcohol and smoke.      “I tried to rescue her from the swamp and I organised her a trainee job as a waitress, but sometimes there were days when she would not go to work. She even ran away twice and hung around with persons of questionable moral standards, who were certainly not a good influence on her.     “I always had to bring her home, but she always ran away again. That is why I had to arrange a place where I gave her the chance – by force – to keep away from the bad influences of the outside world.”


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One Response to “C’mon, How could Rosmary not know?”

  1. 90percenttrue Says:

    I’ve just written a blog on the very same issue. It beggars belief that someone could live with their husband, a convicted rapist, for 24 years and never be curious about his secret basement and their disappeared daughter.

    She’s guilty.

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