RFID Chips: “You know about this shit, right?”

From Spychips.com RFID: Tracking everything, everywhere by Katherine Albrecht, CASPIAN click to read more.     RFID chips, tiny tracking devices the size of a grain of dust, can be used to secretly identify you and the things you’re carrying–right through your clothes, wallet, backpack, or purse. Have you already taken one home with you?     [The following is an excerpt from: Albrecht, Katherine. “Supermarket Cards: The Tip of the Retail Surveillance Iceberg.” Denver University Law Review, Summer 2002, Volume 79, Issue 4, pp. 534-539 and 558-565.]     Click here for a PDF of the original article (2.4 MB)     “In 5-10 years, whole new ways of doing things will emerge and gradually become commonplace. Expect big changes.” – MIT’s Auto-ID Center     Supermarket cards and retail surveillance devices are merely the opening volley of the marketers’ war against consumers. If consumers fail to oppose these practices now, our long-term prospects may look like something from a dystopian science fiction novel.     A new consumer goods tracking system called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is poised to enter all of our lives, with profound implications for consumer privacy. RFID couples radio frequency (RF) identification technology with highly miniaturized computers that enable products to be identified and tracked at any point along the supply chain.      The system could be applied to almost any physical item, from ballpoint pens to toothpaste, which would carry their own unique information in the form of an embedded chip. [3] The chip sends out an identification signal allowing it to communicate with reader devices and other products embedded with similar chips.      Analysts envision a time when the system will be used to identify and track every item produced on the planet.


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