They stopped to let the Dalai Lama cross the street

Not the Dalai Lama but rather the India Tibet ProtestWhile passing throught Hamilton NY today, a friend said they stopped to let the Dalai Lama cross the street but he refused and waved my friend on.  The Spiritual Leader was presenting at Colgate University.  My friend also said there were protestors—so when I saw this article it made me think of what was happening in Hamilton. 

From the NIS News service THE HAGUE, 24/04/08 click to read more. – The Lower House wants to invite the Dalai Lama for a visit. If the EU and the Dutch government do not do this, the Lower House itself should do so, a majority considers.    The leftwing Greens (GroenLinks) asked the day-to-day management of the House (the presidium) to invite the spiritual leader of the Tibetans to visit The Warning … Wen Jiabao's broadcast yesterday, criticising the Dali Lama's Hague well before the Olympic Games. The conservatives (VVD) and Socialist Party (SP) support this request.     Labour (PvdA), small Christian party ChristenUnie and centre-left D66 consider it should first be seen whether an invitation could come from the EU or the Dutch government. Should this not succeed, then these parties will also support GroenLinks’ request.     The Christian democrats (CDA) are not against an invitation. But the biggest government party would prefer the cabinet to put all its energy into efforts to get the Chinese government and the Dalai Lama to meet together somewhere.


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