Why the Public Can’t Think Straight

Emailed from a friend: From Strike The Root, The Paradise Perspective: Commentary from a Free and Compassionate Alternate Reality Random Thoughts by Glen Allport April 21, 2008 click to read more.     
We all know that the government lies to us, that it uses propaganda to support the lies, and that, for the most part, the corporate media is an integral part of the government/power elite propaganda machine. These things are obvious to any American with even a room-temperature IQ. For that matter, it’s hard to think of any nation that behaves otherwise.     Occasionally, the true nature of today’s corporatist media leaks out in a way that shocks. Two recent examples:   First, Glenn Greenwald’s Major revelation: U.S. media deceitfully disseminates government propaganda. Commenting on a recent NY Times article (registration required), Greenwald points out that as damning as the revelations in that article are, the bigger story is media complicity in ignoring and suppressing such material. He provides extensive and chilling details showing how the dishonesty and propaganda are routinely accomplished. Greenwald says plainly that “The single most significant factor in American political culture is the incestuous, extensive overlap between our media institutions and government officials.”   After watching the Sunday news shows, Greenwald added an update, writing that “it is striking — though unsurprising — that not a single one saw fit to mention this NYT story demonstrating that these news programs all fed government propaganda to their viewers. That they refuse to comment on this story and will now black it out says as much about what they really are, and what they really do, as the NYT story itself does.”   Anyone who still harbors the slightest thought that the corporate media is an honest and reliable source of information needs to read Greenwald’s article.    The second item is a short, excellent YouTube video (7 min 33 sec) put together by television producer Jerry Day that documents the blatant manipulation and dishonesty of media political coverage so well, you’ll be stunned. Ron Paul figures prominently in the discussion for obvious reasons: Paul (who is still in the GOP race) is the only pro-freedom, anti-war, anti-corporatist, anti-income tax, anti-Federal Reserve candidate in the race, and thus suppressing Paul’s candidacy has been the corporate media’s most important job these past several months.     This is a must-see video, and not only for Ron Paul supporters; the facts Mr. Day presents are important for anyone who wants to understand how the warfare-welfare police state is being pushed on the American public. I encourage you to send the link to everyone you know.—I dunno, what do you think? 


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