Prototype Aerocar arrives…at 450km an hour!

The aerocar can fly at an altitude of 4,000-meters at a top speed of 160 kph. It can also reach a top land speed of 80 kph.In from a friend: From Russia Today April 8, 2008, 9:27 click to read more.
Imagine a world where roads don’t exist, old-style cars are a distant memory and you can zip over 450 kilometres in one hour. A Russian designer believes aerocars are not far away. Aleksandr Begak has successfully tested a prototype more than 100 times.     It took him two years to create the multi-purpose aerocar – propeller-driven cart with a glider wing to keep it in the air.     Begak says his model can be used on land, sea and in the air.     “It’s great for fishing or hunting, especially the two-seater. Its flying speed can be very slow. It can be set at 15 kilometres per hour so it will practically stay still. That’s good for hunting – for wolves, for example,” the inventor said.     The aircraft is also plastic which makes it invisible to radars.



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