1982 Soccer Streaker identified

Streaking legend Helen d’Amico stays mumArticle  Posted on Herald Sun by Terry Brown April 17, 2008    FOOTY’S most famous interruption, Helen d’Amico, has been uncovered again, though not in the style that made her famous.    As a 17-year-old, d’Amico stopped the 1982 Grand Final — and 107,536 fans in their tracks — by streaking across the ground.     Wearing nothing but a Blues scarf, and perhaps her heart on her sleeve, she pursued Bruce Doull with undisguised enthusiasm.    The dour backman was stunned by the third-quarter dash, as were millions watching on TV.    Doull retreated from her crude tackle with a scared look that on-field opponents never saw.    And the US-born stripper, who was on a break from work at Adelaide’s Crazy Horse club, beat a similar retreat in the years that followed.    She has not made a media appearance since 2002, when she was tracked to outback Western Australia where she was studying to be a social worker. Read more.


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One Response to “1982 Soccer Streaker identified”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    She wasn’t a soccer streaker. It occurred in the 1982 Australian Football League Grand Final.

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