Unemployed Guy Sells Faith by the mug

A friend just emailed me this site about an unemployed guy.  From OddTodd.com “I was laid off from a company called AtomFilms. There were 75% layoffs in June 2001 and that was that. I was doing Business Development for them. Before that I worked at Barnes & Noble.com for two years doing B2B stuff. I live in Brooklyn. I was born in Manhattan and grew up in New Rochelle, NY. Single guy. I like cookays and coffay.     Are you really unemployed with no-monay?     Sort of kind of but not really. I make a living off being unemployed from my tip jar, cafe press sales, animation freelance jobs, and money I got for the book and from comedy central. With all that I am still pretty friggin broke believe it or not. Put it this way, you don’t get paid alot of money until you start making alot of money for other people. Right now I’m working on paying off credit card debt. After that I hope to start a savings account.”  Read more.


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