How do you feel about Google taking pictures of where you live?

Posted on Gizmod: Google Streetview Camera Car Fleet Set to Invade America camera-toting tipster saw what appeared to be a giant armada of Chevy Cobalt cars in the Google parking lot, getting ready to take pictures of the entire world (or thereabouts) with special 360° cameras. The tipster says he followed a Google camera van as it cruised back to its Mountain View, California, lair yesterday after that van finished a session of picture taking for Google’s Streetview navigation site. Exactly what did he see?     It was an entire fleet of at least 30 brand-new Chevy Cobalt cars parked behind the building, most without license plates yet. As you can see in the pictures above, each had a metal device attached to its top, which looks suspiciously like a vertical extension for mounting Google’s Streetview 360° camera.     Our telltale tipster tells us he thinks Google is “preparing their invasion of US cities with an armada of C.C.C.Cs (Chevy Cobalt Camera Cars). I guess Cobalts are cheap but they certainly will be conspicuous. Maybe that’s what they want.”     It looks like an auspicious addition to the camera car fleet, but it’s going to take more than thirty Chevy Cobalts to take a portrait of the entire Earth, or even of the Silicon Valley. However, with Google’s zillions, just about anything’s possible. It’s got its eye on you; the end is near.  Read more.


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