I love being a call girl – I’m in control

boasts fallen child genius  By JAMES TOZER – From the Daily Mail Last updated at 09:05am on 7th April 2008     Child prodigy Sufiah Yusof has long accused her “bullying” father of making her life “a living hell”. Yesterday she took her revenge – and in brutal fashion.    The maths genius, who went to Oxford University at 13, spoke with shocking frankness about her new life as a £130-an-hour prostitute.     Instead of hiding after her sordid career was revealed in the media, she posed in underwear and high heels for a Sunday newspaper.  She boasted how sleeping with men for money made her feel “in control”. And in comments that will particularly wound her estranged father, 50, Sufiah claimed she now recites equations and algebra to entertain clients.    Sufiah’s family was hailed as the most brilliant in Britain, after she entered Oxford and her brother and sister won university places aged 12 and 15. Read more.


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2 Responses to “I love being a call girl – I’m in control”

  1. bknljsr xgomz Says:

    wacgteios cbuqzhsvw bzdtyc gvxmiysd pedfjm guibz rqwv

  2. yusnadiah asri penang Says:

    i dont want my son to be genius

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