Eminent Domain Can Take Your Home Away

Many times it is for public good, BUT sometimes the power is abused.     The City of St. Louis Sues Eminent Domain Activist—First The City Sought To Take Away His Property, Now It Wants to Silence His Speech.     Arlington, Va.—Should the federal courts help the City of St. Louis violate free speech and property rights?  That is the question posed to a federal court this week in a countersuit filed by the city against Jim Roos, a longtime activist against eminent domain abuse.     Stop the abuse of eminent domain in your town.     The Castle Coalition is the Institute for Justice’s nationwide grassroots property rights activism project.  The Castle Coalition teaches home and small business owners how to protect themselves and stand up to the greedy governments and developers who seek to use eminent domain to take private property for their own gain. And thanks to the gracious generosity of our donors, we’re able to do this for free.  http://www.castlecoalition.org/


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