What the fuck is Dannon’s Bifidus Regularis?

I like Jamie Lee Curtis, but she’s killing me.  The folks at AdRANTs say “Jamie Lee Curtis Can’t Take A Dump, Hypes Dannon’s Bifidus Regularis”  Over two years ago, Dannon began promoting its Activia yogurt with the special ingredient, Bifidus Regularis, a “nonsense word that’s been trademarked,” as dubbed by American Copywriter. The ingredient is supposed to make women more regular, to use acceptable vernacular. Because marketers can’t always come right out and say what they mean – in this case, “Dannon, the yogurt that helps you shit better” – meaningless words have to be created to sugar coat what every person over the age of five can see right through.


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2 Responses to “What the fuck is Dannon’s Bifidus Regularis?”

  1. latin'snotmysecondlanguage Says:

    “Bifidus Regularis”…wasn’t he the guy that stabbed Caesar?
    Jamie Lee needs to stumble to the kitchen in the morning, pound a cup of black coffee and light up a camel-non……..she’ll go!

  2. JACK Says:


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